Dedication Instructions & Guidelines – Next Baby Dedication Sunday, March 15th 

  “New Format- all done on One Day”

  1. The Parent (Single / Married) or Legal Guardian must:
  • Complete the attached Dedication application in its entirety.
  • Sign the application statement.
  • Place your child in Kidztown class by 8:15 a.m. Babies up to 5th Grade
  • Child(ren) 6th Grade up, should attend the Training class with their parents going on during the 8:30 service in Room 120.
  • Attend training class: March 15th @ 8:30 am., RM:120. Parents (Single / Married) or Legal Guardian must attend the training to be a part the dedication service.
  1. You and your child (ren) go to Praise & Worship of the 10:30 Service. Dedication Service
    will begin shortly after the worship service.
  2. Submit your completed application to the Church Office, Info Central, or put in the Offering.
  3. Only Parents (Single / Married) or Legal Guardian will be recognized during the ceremony.

Special Note:

  • Babies through 5th grade child(ren), will be in their Kidztown classes during training.
  • Older children must be in the training with you-Room 120-Prayer Room.
Baby Dedication Application