Dear Saints & Faith Landmarks Family Members

As believers, we have recently passed through a season of difficulty. God moved on us to accept the challenge of using our faith to overcome a global pandemic.

In spite of numerous and repeated attacks, we as a church body have succeeded in passing over to the other side.

Our corporate faith is much more powerful than our individual faith!

Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 18:19

God has also moved on us to accept an even higher challenge.

As the storm has raged outside, we have been busy making ready for the season ahead of us.

It is time for us to make full use of the facility that God has given us.

Our use began in 1986 with a tract of unused land – 104.9 acres total.

Over the years, as our faith has grown, so has our use of this land.

Behind the scenes, we have been laying the groundwork for the next push of faith to accomplish God’s will for this congregation.

The purpose of this letter is to announce a new building campaign.

INVEST – IT’S YOUR FUTURE is the next step for us as a church body to rise and accept the challenge of using our faith together to begin the next phase of “build-out” of this facility.

As we have done numerous times in the past, we have retained a team of local civil engineers, architects, and designers to put our dreams before the local county authorities for approval to begin construction.

Because of the enormity of this undertaking, God has instructed us to phase this project into 3 segments.

Engineer’s estimates for the soft costs, sitework, and building expense will equal approximately 3 million dollars.

That cost is well within the financial capabilities of this congregation.

In fact, we are setting the goal for this project to be completed debt-free!

Invest – It’s Your Future will be broken into 3 phases. As with all construction, the planning and approval process comes first.

Invest – It’s Your Future I is the first phase.

Our first efforts on sitework will begin this season. Much of the soft costs are already paid by our previous campaign Count The Cost.

We will retain full use of the facility as construction continues.

This announcement of the campaign will also be accompanied by an organizational effort in the congregation.

A large brochure with detail will lay out the plan.

The next part of this campaign will include a series of home meetings, in the homes of our congregational leaders. These meetings will be scheduled to be completed by Commitment Sunday, May 28, 2023.

These leaders will make advance commitments, much like David when he was making preparation to build the Temple.

Pastor Cherie and I will lead the commitments out of our own funds. The leadership will follow suit to lead the rest of the congregation in their faith commitments. These dessert fellowships will be conducted as an opportunity to show plans in detail and answer questions.

As all campaigns have been, it is considered over and above regular tithes and offerings, and not equal gifts but equal commitment. Everyone should participate as the Lord has prospered them.

DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE that includes a list of goals, and their approximated cost.

Pray about your part! We will see you on Mt. Zion!

Pastors Randy & Cherie