When God is doing great things in people’s lives – we want to celebrate and share! Here are some testimonies of lives changed through the ministries of Faith Landmarks.


We've been believing for a supernatural miracle in our Son’s Head. The size of his soft spot was too big for his age and his was rapidly growing. After 6 months of going to Appointments, and having X-rays, ultrasounds, and an MRI - We received a report today that his Head is perfectly normal and the doctor was shocked that his soft spot shrank in just a week and a half. We no longer have to go to the children’s hospital or have extra appointments.God is faithful!

- Anonymous


The Lord God Almighty spared my son’s life early Friday morning 5/5/2923 after accidentally ingesting 3 big gulps of anti-freeze which was in a Gatorade bottle & was thought to have been that. After being in ER for quite a while & then finally getting seen, medical science was confounded at the fact that he should have been dead already. With a BAC of 778, kidney levels down to a very, very low level, the blood congealed so much so..it was stated by the doctor “it was like a dime trying to go through a pin size hole. After numerous blood tests; about 20 in fact, they couldn’t get the results of the blood work in which they sought so they had to call Poison Control to even know how to begin to treat him. He was able to text us to let us know after about 10 hours being there that they were yet working on him & declared that “All is well!” I thank God for the blood of Jesus that was running through my son’s veins until medical science could properly diagnose & treat him. I’m truly thankful for God’s divine protection & intervention as his kidney levels did return to a more normal state & to the doctors’ amazement he didn’t have to have dialysis to get the poison under control. God supernaturally protected my son’s organs. Praise Be Unto God!

- Anonymous


The Lord has blessed me for the second time of a kidney transplant 05/04/2023. My first kidney/pancreas transplant was 1996. The first kidney lasted 25 years the pancreas is still going 1996 haven’t took insulin since I lost the first kidney 2 years ago. Went back on dialysis, now I received another kidney as I stated earlier 05/04/3023 the Lord had given me not only on lease of life but 2 He will do it for you just believe keep the faith and prayer. I was even working g a full time job this time around it was ruff but I made it thanks to God Almighty, glory hallelujah 🙌🙌🙌🙏🏽

- Tonya

The other day several of us came into agreement for an increase of peace over our church family, congregation, etc.  

Tonight, I was ministering to a brother at the Royal Rangers ceremony, and we were talking about the book of Acts.  

Then, out of the clear blue, he looked at me and said, “You know, brother, I’ve experienced more peace in my life over the last week then I can remember!”  

Oh, hallelujah!!!  I gave him a big hug and told him that’s exactly what some of us have been praying for.  

God is so, so, good…. Know that He loves you, you’re a child of God, you’re made righteous, and let’s boldly confess the word:  I have peace with God through, Christ Jesus!!!  In Jesus Name ⚔️🛡️🩸🌾

Romans 5:1 - "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

- Louie T.

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