For 40 years FLM has been focused on the commission of reaching children with the Gospel. Proverbs 22:6 says,
“Train up and child in the way he should go; 
and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Classes are OPEN
From BABIES to 6th grade

Join us Sundays at 10:30 am 

Ways to watch and learn



These lessons are age appropriate and parents are sure to enjoy them as well



“Establishing a Relationship with God”
2nd to 5th grade


KidzTown Live

Preschool and Elementary kids, we meet every Wednesday night @ 7:30 pm in the WW Gym



One Family. One Race. One Savior. Watch it again

Play Video

Join us at KIDZTOWN KINGDOM QUEST, October 5th – 9th!
While visiting KidzTown Castle, you will learn about each part of the Armor of God!

What it is and how to use it!

The Royal Constable Edwin of Essex

Gospel shoes big foot race, the belt of truth tissue box game, the helmet of salvation stocking bowl, many more…
Come early to enjoy the 22’ Giant climbing wall and slide!

Will be in their classrooms in the Preschool Wing
K5 through 6th Grade:
Will be in the Youth Building

There will be lots of fun!  Don’t miss out!


Overview of our departments

Sunday Departments:

KidzTown is divided into "Downtown" and "Uptown".
Visit "Departments" Tab for more info.

Downtown Kids- Preschool

• Babies
• Non-Pottey Trained
• Pottey Trained


Kingdom Kids– “Developing a Kingdom Mentality”


• 5 Year Olds & 1st Grade

Five-year-olds can understand more details and are also more analytical in their thinking, maintain focus for a longer period of time, and keep up with more difficult tasks.

Spiritually, they can engage more in praying, singing, reading Scripture, inviting others, and sharing their faith.

What an honor it is to explore with the kids the most exciting territory: the Word of God! It truly is a gift to be able to worship the King of kings alongside them.

Revelation 21:3



“For me, the reality is that my children love KidzTown so much, that even when I just got out of my night shift, I drive to church with my little ones. The results of KidzTown in my daughter and son are an inspiration to me.”
Twanka, mother of 2
“It simply speaks volumes for KidzTown when some workers have been serving an average of 20+ years in our children's ministry.”
Scott, KidzTown Team Leader

We take safety very seriously! To start with, children must be signed in at one of our Xpress check-in stations before they can be received in the classrooms (one located in the Downtown area and the other one in the Uptown area). Xpress issues an ID Badge/sticker (one for the child and one for the parent). Such sticker provides a pager system that works for matching the security number on the parent’s sticker with the child’s sticker during dismissal time. Parents must present the sticker when picking up their child. The ID Badge/sticker also provides a Pager System for parents (if a child needs dad or mom, Xpress station will display in the Sanctuary the child’s number and parents will be able to pick up their child). A minimum of 2 teachers is required in order to receive any children. Furthermore, we also follow a “Safety and Security Manual for Staff and Departmental Workers”.

Each department functions under the direct supervision of a Department Head who reports directly to the KidzTown Teamleader. It is the Department Head’s responsibility to oversee the proper use of curriculum, the schedule, the introduction and evaluation of new workers, and the effectiveness of our Head Teachers. 

Then, each class is under the leadership of a Head Teacher– an experienced and capable communicator – and is assisted by one or more workers depending on the size of the class.

The Head Teacher is ultimately responsible for the ministry to the children in their care. The Head Teacher teaches the Bible lesson and allots the supplementary lesson portions to assistant teachers. This includes singing, opening exercises, or leading any other of the ministry functions.