What is LoveWorks℠ ?

LoveWorks℠ is the name of FLM’s outreach to the local community. The mission of LoveWorks℠ is to demonstrate the love of Jesus through tangible, hands-on efforts, based on I Corinthians 13:8 and the knowledge that “love never fails.” Since 2010, LoveWorks℠ has been active in local public schools in metro Richmond. 

The students and staff look forward to seeing the LoveWorks℠ volunteers around the building, and many positive relationships have developed. LoveWorks℠ has brought so much to our entire student population and staff and have become part of our Longdale community.

Andrea Prisco

Principal, Longdale Elementary

FLM has been a valued contributor to Wilder Middle School … the impact of the Love Works volunteers has been a positive benefit to our staff, teachers and students.

Sharon Pope

Principal, Wilder Middle School

The look on students’ faces when they see you weekly as a positive role model in their life and know that you genuinely care about them is priceless.

Tabatha Spurlock

Coordinator, The Academy at Virginia Randolph

Take Action

What Can I Do To Help?

1. Mentor-meet with a student on a regular basis throughout the school year. Listen, be a friend, & serve as a positive example for the student.

2. Tutor-assist assigned students with a par­ticular area or subject that is challenging for them.

3. Lunch Buddy-eat lunch with an elemen­tary school student once a week. Build a great relationship, and show a child that you care about them!

4. Special Events-appreciation and incen­tive events are held throughout the year for teachers and students. Help serve at an appreciation breakfast, or congratulate stu­dents at a BUG (Bringing Up Grades) cele­bration party!

5. Office Assistant-help out in the school office with answering phones, writing passes, and a variety of other needed tasks.

I don’t have much free time …

You can make a big difference without having to spend much time! If you can spare one hour per week, you can be a mentor or a Lunch Buddy! If you can only help sporadically, help out with Special Events! If you have the heart to serve and want to impact the community, LoveWorks℠ can use you!

I’m nervous … is there any training?

All LoveWorks℠ volunteers are fully trained before they are assigned to a school. Mentors are matched by shared interest with their mentees, and ongoing support and sharing of ideas is available. Other LoveWorks℠ volunteers in their distinctive green shirts will often be in the school at the same time you are.

I’m too old to work with children …

Age does not matter to children! Many of our strongest mentoring relationships are between an older adult and young child. Your heart to serve and consistency are what is important to build a strong mentoring relationship.

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