Thank you for your interest in Faith Landmarks Academy!

Returning to our original vision, please note that the school is available to our Members Only.


Open Enrollment Video

  • Returning to the Original Vision
  • For FLM Members Only 
  • Abeka Academy Master Video School
  • Master teachers on video with classroom supervision, drills, and tutoring
  • Fully Accredited program with Standardized testing
  • Open to K5 through 12th grade
  • K4 will be provided through Faith Landmarks Ministries Child Development Center – online registration on Faith Landmarks Ministries website.
  • Operated according to Abeka accreditation requirements, and FLM policies/handbook
  • Regular school hours: M-F 8:15 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Before & After School Care available for extra cost
  • Electives & Sports programs probable
  • K5 –2nd  Grade $2,500 per student
  • 3rd – 6th Grade $2,750 per student 
  • 7th – 12th Grade $3,000 per student
Download Enrollment Information


1. Read and complete entire enrollment application and return to the church office:

All applications and forms can be returned to the church during office hours (9:00am-5:00pm), or to the drop box outside the office (outside of office hours). 

2. Mandatory parent orientation: 

A mandatory meeting for all FLA families will be held in the week prior to the beginning of school. 

All paperwork must be completed by this meeting. The family must be enrolled in the FACTS program by this date. 

Download Enrollment Packet
Download Transcript Request
Download Parental Consent
Download FACTS New Parents
Download COVID Policy Parent Letter

We at FLA purpose to:

A. Remember that God is the Giver of all knowledge and teach all subjects from that perspective.
B. Excel in teaching all academic subjects.
C. Encourage each child to reach his/her maximum potential both as a student and as a person.
D. Give each child an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of scripture.
E. Foster a love for learning, encouraging self-discipline and implementing practical life skills.
F. To encourage children to develop an intrinsic motivation to do every task well, to be honest, to serve others, and to love one another.
G. To teach children to be accountable for their words, thoughts, and deeds.